Training Centers

Authorized Sifus

 Barnaby Hazen (Taos, NM)
 J Seth Wiggins (Denver, CO)
 Monica Duran (Abq, NM)
 Maytee Lerttamrab (Bangkok, Thailand)
 Jason Smith (Las Cruces, NM / El Paso, TX)
 Michael Gidwanie (NYC)
 Aaron Richardson (Abq, NM)

Seminar with Sifus Phillip Romero & Adolph Kurt Saenz

siu lim tau seminar

Seminar Topics:

  • Medical/Internal Side of SLT
  • 5 Elements – Application and Medical
  • SLT in 3 Stages
  • Issues in Modern SLT
  • Qigong in Wing Chun

All interested students welcome!


Price of Admission:

$35 (for current students)



Romero’s Wing Chun
5820 Valencia SE
Albuquerque, NM 87018


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